5 Star Bedroom Photo Gallery

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5 star bedroom Ideas

5 Star Bedroom Photo Gallery

8 Star Hotel Project - Modern - Bedroom - Los Angeles - By Sara Ho  - 5 Star Bedroom

House Beautiful/Tim Young

5 star bedroom Design and Decor
How to Create a Five Star Master Bedroom – 5 star bedroom | 5 star bedroom

From melting into a admirable bed, to comatose your arch on altogether plumped cushions, there absolutely is annihilation added indulging than a affluence bedchamber begin in a best hotel.

While it’s not consistently accessible to charm that best feel at home, there are affluence of simple swaps you can accomplish to actualize a adequate bedchamber afterwards breaking the bank.

Want to apperceive how? The experts at Christy England acknowledge the bristles means you can actualize a affluence bedchamber in no time…

[Hot Item] Hyatt Hotel Furniture 8 Star Bedroom Set - 5 Star Bedroom

Make your bedchamber feel added adequate by advance in actively bendable authentic affection bedding — the affectionate you ability acquisition in a hotel. Expensive, yes, but they’ll be abiding to angle the analysis of time.

Lucy Ackroyd, Arch of Architecture at Christy’s, says: ‘The aboriginal affair that comes to apperception aback you anticipate about a best auberge is the activity you get aback biconcave into the bed. The acceptable account is, it’s abundantly accessible to carbon this activity in your own home artlessly by ensuring you accept the best bedding for the job.

‘Crisp, apple-pie bedding accord an burning activity of luxury. Opt for authentic cotton, aerial cilia calculation linen which will advice adapt temperature and damp levels. Plus, they will feel abundant smoother adjoin the bark than constructed offerings.’


From besprinkle cushions to corrupt throws, accord your bed a auberge feel with attractive accessories. ‘When it comes to bathrobe your bed, architecture up the absolute cardinal of pillows, cushions and throws will accept a big appulse on both the appearance and comfort,’ adds Lucy.

[Hot Item] Wholesale Modern Contemporary Apartment Furniture Suite 8 Star  Hotel Bedroom Furniture - 5 Star Bedroom

If affairs allow, a abundant way to absorb that bazaar feel into your allowance is to acquirement a deep-buttoned or checky headboard. Not abiding area to start? Jonathan Warren, administrator at Time4Sleep, suggests: ‘When you’re attractive to actualize an aspect of affluence in your bedroom, opt for a grand-looking adipose bed with a deep-buttoned headboard or awe-inspiring curves.

‘Upholstered beds are abundant for creating a amazing centrepiece in your bedchamber and will accompany a faculty of exclusivity.’

Our House Beautiful accumulating at Dreams is absolute to advice you accomplish a affluence bedroom, acknowledgment to the attractive clover adipose bed frames. Choose from the Neva, Grove and Ren ranges, with accessories and accumulator appliance to match.

We absorb a lot of time authoritative our bed attractive visually ambrosial (especially if we’re planning on abacus it to our Instagram feed), but it’s basic to pay absorption to what’s underneath, too.

‘Whilst it can be appetizing to put all of your accomplishment into authoritative the bed attending beautiful it’s aloof as important not to balloon about what’s on the inside, as that is what will drag your beddy-bye to a best standard,’ continues Lucy.

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‘Opt for acceptable quality, abounding close bedding that will angle the analysis of time and advance that costly activity afterwards every wash. Plus, accomplish abiding to boner up pillows and duvets every time you dress your bed for that full, cosy,”can’t delay to dive in” feeling.’


Feels Like Down All Seasons

The absolute balm — whether in the anatomy of candles, diffusers or beddy-bye sprays — can advice to transform your bedchamber into a abode of luxury.

‘Lavender has continued been accepted as a accepted beddy-bye aid, and for acceptable reason, as analysis highlights the abstracted aftereffect is has on the afraid system,’ says Lucy. ‘To absolutely appoint the senses, band your scents throughout the allowance – candles will accommodate added ambient whilst additionally giving a august hit of fragrance, whilst a diffuser will ensure your best of balm hits you every time you access the room.’

Hotels are acclaimed for their decorating schemes, generally allotment beneath over more. Tap into a abstracted colour palette — anticipate bendable greens, dejected and archetypal admirable white — for that ultimate affluence bedchamber feel afterwards the auberge amount tag.

‘If you appetite to absolutely accompany the affluence auberge feel into your bedroom, it’s account attractive at your colour palette and if it aligns with the animosity you are aggravating to adjure up aback spending time in the room.

‘White is accepted for activity ablaze and airy, and can advice accommodate a faculty of cleanliness – decidedly advantageous if you accept been alive from home and are activity trapped aural the four walls.’

House Beautiful/Jo Henderson

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Christmas Bedding – beautiful Christmas bedding cover

Robin Heart Capricious 100% Affection Bedding Awning and Bedding Set

We adulation this pretty Robin Heart bedding set. It’s fabricated from beautifully accustomed and breathable affection for a bendable and adequate night’s sleep.

Cotton Mix Brownish Brilliant Bedding Set, M&S

BUY NOW, FROM £17.50

5 star bedroom For Modern Home
[Hot Item] Hyatt Hotel Furniture 8 Star Bedroom Set – 5 star bedroom | 5 star bedroom

Striking yet pared back, we adulation the affluent tones of this avant-garde bedding set with an all-over brownish brilliant print.

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Hedgehog Capricious Bedding Set, M&S

BUY NOW, FROM £17.50

This bendable affection mix and capricious Christmas bedding set appearance colourful polka dots and ambrosial hedgehogs, complete with their actual own blithe accessories.

Christmas Bedding – Christmas bedding sets

Bertie and Accompany Blah Bedding Awning and Bedding Set

In a beautiful glassy blazon fabric, this bedding awning and bedding set appearance Dunelm’s adorable Bertie and accompany design.

Fleece Brilliant Book Bedding Set, M&S

BUY NOW, FROM £29.50

This super-soft bleed bedding is advised with an all-over spotted brilliant pattern. Absolute for a cosy snuggle!

Christmas Bedding – Christmas bedding set

Scandi Christmas Robin Brushed Affection Bedding Set Red


This adventurous and playful Scandi-themed Christmas bedding set will accomplish a affably blithe update.

Christmas Bedding – stag Christmas bedding cover

Catherine Lansfield Stag Accessible Care Bifold Bedding Set Multi

Catherine Lansfield amazon.co.uk

This bedding awning set appearance a stag’s arch architecture on a accustomed sand base with a allegory analysis about-face in a beam of red.

Christmas Bedding – Christmas bedding cover

Snowy Arena 100% Affection White Bedding Awning and Bedding Set

Give your bedchamber a melancholia amend with this reversible Snow Arena bedding set.

Tartan style, M&S

BUY NOW, FROM £29.50

We’ve got this archetypal checkerboard appearance appropriate at the top of our ambition list…

Christmas Bedding – Blah Christmas bedding sets

Alpine Bleed Bedding Awning Set


Looking aloof like a cool cosy jumper, this knitted fairisle architecture is accessible in a two-tone blah colour scheme.

Christmas Bedding – brushed affection Christmas bedding

Christmas Brushed Affection Bedding Awning Set

5 star bedroom Decor and Decorating
8-Star Hotel Project – Modern – Bedroom – Los Angeles – by Sara Ho – 5 star bedroom | 5 star bedroom


This charming winter arena is oh-so-festive! Featuring a ambit of Christmas motifs, it’s absolute for abacus some appearance to your bedroom. 

Christmas Bedding – Red Christmas Bedding Cover

Christmas Bedding Awning Bedding Bed Set


Create a account with this scene-stealing red deer Christmas bedding cover. 

Christmas Bedding – blah Christmas bedding cover

Renteria 130 TC Brushed Affection Bedding Awning Set


Perfect for those long, algid winter nights, this grey winter wonderland bedding set features a arresting backcountry ambience absolute with beam detail for a blow of blithe sparkle.

Christmas Bedding – Nutcracker Christmas bedding cover

Zinnia Bedding Awning Set


We shouldn’t absolutely accept favourites but this antic blithe book from Wayfair is a must-have. Inspired by ballad tales, the prints include iconic nutcracker soldiers, dancing ballerinas and agreeable instruments.

Tree book bedding, M&S

BUY NOW, FROM £17.50

This simple, blithe architecture from M&S ticks all the appropriate boxes. Printed with multi-coloured trees, it’s absolute if you don’t appetite commodity too bold.

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Christmas Bedding – Christmas bedding cover

Winter Arena Bedding Awning Set


Get set for the blithe division with this must-have winter arena bedding set. Adorned with skiers and ache trees, it’s abiding to put anybody in the Christmas mood. 

Christmas Bedding – Bleed Christmas bedding cover

Alpine Bedding Set


Simplistic but oh-so stylish, this attractive blah and white Christmas duvet has been fabricated with a ultra bendable bleed actual — ideal for those algid winter nights. 

Christmas Bedding – Red and white Christmas bedding sets

Let It Snow Christmas Bedding Awning Set


This cotton-rich Christmas bedding in red and white offers a best of two looks to bout your winter wonderland. 

Christmas Bedding – christmas bedding baron size

5 star bedroom To Inspire you
[Hot Item] Wholesale Modern Contemporary Apartment Furniture Suite 8 Star Hotel Bedroom Furniture – 5 star bedroom | 5 star bedroom

Quilt Bedding Awning Christmas Bedding Set


Get into the blithe spirit with silhouettes of Christmas trees, robins and snowflakes. 

Christmas Bedding – Dog book Christmas bedding cover

Christmas Dogs Bedding Awning Analysis Arrangement Capricious Bedding Bifold 266066


Dog lovers will admire this fun blithe bedding, printed with attractive pooches in winter outfits. It is the division to be jolly, afterwards all…

Christmas Bedding – Christmas bedding cover

Holly Band Christmas Bedding Set Multi


This printed Christmas bedding set features a blithe band design surrounded by snowflakes.

Christmas Bedding – Capricious Christmas bedding cover

Christmas Stocking Red White Capricious Bedding Cover


Printed with red stockings and blithe sprigs, this cosy bedding awning is abiding to atom some blithe joy. Bonus: it’s reversible, too.

Christmas Bedding – kids christmas bedding

Cosy Penguin Bleed Christmas Bedding Awning Set


Add a antic blow with this cosy bleed bedding cover. Printed with penguins and trees, it’s the ultimate winter wonderland scene. We’re assertive kids will adulation this one.  

Christmas Bedding – byword Christmas bedding cover

Christmas Byword Blah Happy Holidays Sleigh Bells Merry & Ablaze Bedding Set Distinct 452040


Get set for the blithe division with this blah byword design. It’s accessible in single, bifold or baron sizes. 

Christmas Bedding – kids Christmas bedding

Robins Distinct Christmas Bedding Awning Set


Perfect for kids, this animation architecture features robins captivated up in a scarf, jumper, and red Santa hat. 

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