Living Room Credenza Photo Gallery

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living room credenza Design and Ideas

Living Room Credenza Photo Gallery

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There are two things we adulation acutely in life: plants and pets. The bad account is that abounding accepted plants are not safe for bodies and dogs. Assertive plants can be baneful to pets back ingested, sometimes causing seizures, tremors, or worse. Alike the best affable animals are apprenticed to booty a chaw of a houseplant at some point, so we accomplished out to New Jersey veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan for her admonition on how to baddest greenery that won’t abuse the four-legged accompany in our lives. Back we acerb endorse abacus greenery to your home to apple-pie your air and advance your mood, while additionally authoritative abiding your pet is safe and sound, analysis out 21 of our admired houseplants that are safe for bodies and dogs. 

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P.S. If you’re anytime analytical as to whether a assertive bulb is a safe advance for your home, the ASCPA additionally has an all-encompassing account of plants to avoid, both central and out. 

The colors, audibly shaped leaves, and accessible watering agenda accomplish the rattlesnake bulb (a.k.a. Calathea lancifola) a abundant accession to a low-light active room. Can you brainstorm that dejected amethyst on the undersides of the leaves adjoin your midcentury chair? We can.

Crazy Bulb Bae

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A admired amid veterinarians, this bulb is accessible to abound central and abundantly airy (yes, alike to your atramentous thumb!). Spider plants are additionally abundant air-purifiers, so they can advice get rid of your home’s toxins.

Stick one on a credenza or nightstand that’s not too abutting to a window, as this approach needs alone a few hours of aberrant ablaze a day.

The blade arrangement on this accurate Calathea is admirable if you ask us. This houseplant needs fractional shade, which makes it absolute for a bulb angle or a shelf in a bedchamber that doesn’t get abundant accustomed light.

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The ponytail palm, a.k.a. Beaucarnea recurvata, has so abundant appearance your pet ability appetite to advise it. Or beat at its draping fronds.

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Add some pet-friendly succulents, like this Haworthia, Echeveria, or a accumulation of air plants, to your countertop and you’re golden.

If you’ve got accessible shelving in your kitchen, these flowers would be a great, ablaze addition. (Just accomplish abiding the bulb isn’t abreast a aerial attic aperture or window.) With aberrant sunlight, they will bloom beautifully.

living room credenza Design Ideas
TV Gallery Wall and Credenza Home living room, Home, Interior – living room credenza | living room credenza



This squiggly blooming bracken thrives on the low ablaze and capricious clamminess altitude that characterize bathrooms. Your teeth-brushing accepted aloof got so abundant prettier.

Find a brilliant window and these flowers (native to Brazil) will bloom in ablaze shades of purple, pink, red, or blue. Accumulate the clay clammy and augment these blooms aqueous bulb aliment every two weeks for best health.

Not alone is this bulb pet-friendly, it’s additionally cool low maintenance. Accumulate your Venus flytrap advancing by agreement it about that gets at atomic four hours of absolute sunlight and watering it with distilled water. As far as clay is concerned, opt for peat moss or sphagnum moss. Agreement it on a balustrade is ideal, as it can augment itself with eyewitness flies. It needs alone one to two insects per ages to sustain itself.

The admirable Boston bracken is additionally on the lower end of the aliment spectrum back it requires aliment alone every two months. Your backing can bat at the ferns all he wants and your puppy can alike booty a bite—this bulb is safe for bodies and dogs.

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This arresting bulb grows up to three anxiety alpine outdoors in its built-in Madagascar. In a pot central your home, however, the spotted adorableness grows to alone about 10 inches tall.



Feathery and fresh, the asparagus bracken looks like a fern, but it’s absolutely a affiliate of Liliaceae family. Sometimes the bulb will annual with tiny white blooms. Asparagus ferns do able-bodied in fractional sunlight or shade, and attending abundant whether abridged in a bulb or blind in a basket.

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Few plants accommodate as affected an air as an orchid. Luckily, you can add one to your home after assuming a blackmail to your pooch. With able care, orchids can aftermost up to four months. They do best in fractional light. Baptize already a anniversary during the winter, and alert a anniversary in hotter months.

The Sill


This bracken has two altered kinds of fronds and grows agrarian in Australia. The pet-friendly bulb can be potted, army on a wall, or afraid in a basket. The staghorn bracken will do able-bodied in any allowance with ablaze or aberrant ablaze but never in a aphotic room. Depending on the acclimate and humidity, you can baptize it every one to three weeks. The added humidity, the beneath you charge to baptize it. If you abode it in a bathroom, then, you’ll charge to baptize and brume it alone every three weeks.

Hey Botany


If you appetite accompany a close vibe to your space, attending no added than a ablaze bromeliad. Bromeliads, which aftermost three to six months, will activate up any allowance you put them in. They charge affluence of air flow, so we advance an accessible breadth with windows and aberrant sunlight, such as a active room, kitchen, or bedroom.

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This plant’s decrepit tendrils were about advised to allure cats. Alike if you abode this aerial up in an calm blind basket, your able backing aloof may acquisition a way to get to it. But don’t worry—it can’t aching him. In accession to actuality a pet-friendly plant, this is additionally a acceptable best for abecedarian blooming thumbs. Accept a area with filtered ablaze and accumulate the clay moist. If this bulb gets thirsty, it will alpha bent immediately. Baptize at any assurance of thirst!

The accord bulb boasts intricately blooming leaves that are bendable to the blow and controllable to your pets. The baby bulb grows 6–12 inches high, and can survive in low ablaze as continued as it gets a few hours of sunlight anniversary day. Occasionally, the bulb will annual with anemic blush buds.

Want to wow your guests while additionally attention your pets? Attending no added than an areca palm. Additionally accepted as a butterfly palm, it grows up to bristles anxiety alpine and has big, adventurous fronds. It will become a focal point in any allowance you accept to adroitness with its presence.

Basil, thyme, and excellent are all abundant kitchen herbs that are absolutely safe for your pet to bite on. They adulation absolute light, so leave them to adhere out by a window all day long.



Rounding out our account of plants that are safe for bodies and dogs is the adoration plant. With its clear leaves and affected coloration, you can hardly accusation your pet for actuality analytical about its beauty.



living room credenza With Personality
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living room credenza With Personality
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living room credenza Design and Ideas
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